purchaseI work from home and like to travel.  Yada, yada, yada… on November 23, 2015 we bought this beautiful 2007 Airstream 27FB.  This march we head off on our first adventure to visit family in the Florida Keys.


Over Christmas we spent a week in Fredericksburg trying things out.  Overall we had been amazed at how little work there was to do considering we bought this thing “as is”.  The hot water heater plug had been leaking for quite some time and had rusted through the external cover, but it’s invisible, so a quick bondo fix solved that.  Also, I found a bunch of water underneath the closet.  That turned out to be a broken pop off valve from the flush out line.  The internet told me to just remove that, so we did (I love that all our our plumbing is pex!).

When we got to Fredericksburg as I was putting the jacks down I noticed we had a flat tire (hooray!).  Closer inspection showed the tires were older than they appeared.  So, new tires are on the list of things to do.  After sitting for a week though, we noticed water dripping underneath the trailer.  I tore into everything trying to track down the source, and finally found the water pump leaking into the underpan.  It took 5 days before it filled it and started overflowing outside.  The good news is it didn’t cause any damage.  It looks like someone didn’t winterize it properly by pulling and draining the pump and the front case has a hairline crack in it that leaks under pressure.  So, me and JBweld have been trying to solve the problem.  I may just have to buy a new pump. UPDATE: JBweld and I fixed it.

Everything else has been minor fixes: replacing the foam on the air filters, fixing latches, etc.  But I’m sure I’ll find more to do before we leave.


More to come.